Be aware of divine reality

Just as you can probably smell a food recipe being cooked by someone in your home, the moment you enter the door, and identify it correctly, you can learn to trust your Spiritual Sense, with experience. {*❤️*} Unless you are quite practiced at it, it is often easier to feel the palpable Presence of Divine Love with your eyes closed. The images your mind projects can fool you, whether of seeming beauty or disorder and brokenness, and those can distract you from truly feeling the Everpresent Embracing Divine Love. Close your earthly eyes, and ask Loving Soul to help you FEEL the Unconditional Love of God. Love is the Truth, not bodily cues. {*❤️*} It is everywhere. It is everytime. It is you, unfooled by bodily senses. Close your eyes, feel the Love, and be aware of Divine Reality. There is nothing else like It. Practice, and know your Truth, Lovable and Loving.



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