Are you ready for miracles

Abundance wants to find you, are you ready, and willing to receive it?

What have you learned about the Law Of Attraction over the past few days or weeks?

Have you learned that in order to have the life that you so desire unfold before your very eyes takes courage and commitment on your part?

Courage to leave both your past and your present reality behind; taking an enormous leap of faith while envisioning what you would like your life to look like?

Commitment to the daily, hourly and moment by moment belief and trust that you can create your dreams with the help of the Divine and the Universe, no matter where you may be right now?

Are you really ready to see the limitless and infinite potential available to you?

When you are using the Law Of Attraction to your advantage, when you understand that focusing solely and with passion and positive emotion on the things, people, opportunities and events you would like to see in your life as if you already have them in your present reality, miracles happen. When you focus on your past, mistakes, heart aches, traumas, betrayals and hurts, seeing only what is right in front of your nose, it stops you; blocking all progress.

Imagine driving your car or bike, or even walking, while all the while looking only in your rear view mirror or out the window at the passing scenery?

Would you get where you wanted to go if you were only looking either over your shoulder or right at your feet?

What if you decided to look up, and you saw a lookout over the ocean, would you take the trail that looked like it was going in the right direction, keeping your eyes on the lookout as you climbed up towards it?

Imagining all the while the breathtaking vistas awaiting you? That is life!

Take the trail to the most beautiful place you can find! Make time for the things that YOU love in your life, express gratitude and appreciation for all the wonderful things that you already have in your life, and expect more, and more and more!

Before you roll out of bed in the morning, set your intention to have the BEST. DAY. EVER. Even if it seems ludicrous, keep doing it and keep looking for the amazing things. Keep a gratitude journal, and write down all the awesome things you get to experience every day. Breathe, open your heart and get ready to receive. All your dreams are coming true! Are you ready for miracles



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