Love is the thread that weaves us together

The Universe is not fooled by our happy face, it only goes with how we are feeling. The emotions that we put out are the radio signals that work as magnets.

This however, does not mean that we cannot create an amazing life for ourselves if we are having a bad day, missing someone, or have circumstances beyond our control that have let us down. What it means is being true to what you are feeling so means that you must feel it. Move through it and past it, knowing that it will always get better, that the future is brighter. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.


No exceptions.

If you are experiencing stuck energies, shake things up! Move it through your body by allowing it to surface and wash through you.

It’s OK to be angry or sad.

Feel it and release it.

Say a prayer


Then move forward fearlessly.

We are all energy.

We are all connected.

Love is the thread that weaves us together.

You are loved.

You are love.


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