The celestial mountain

When you ask, you shall receive. Ask for help when you need it. Ask for guidance.. They cannot dive in until you give the word… they must patiently wait. So go ahead and put it out there…You do not have to do this alone! 🧚🧚🧚

Our angels, guides, ancestors and passed over loved ones come to us as a team of helpers and advisors. The only small obstacle being that we must address them in pure faith, not being able to see, hear or feel them in the traditional ways. Yes, we can see, hear and feel them when we tune in… if we allow ourselves to be receptive. We can see their signs and messages in our everyday lives. They may speak to us in symbols, songs, articles, TV shows or little souvenirs left just for us. They may show us the way in synchronicities, in sending us exactly what or who we need just as we need it. But fear not, they always have our backs.
We are being called to strengthen this , Open the dialogue. Ask for help. Listen more carefully. Observe. Feel into it. Heighten our senses so that nothing passes us by. 🧚🧚🧚

This is co-creation with the Universe. This raises your vibration. Gives us a taste of what is possible. Opens us up to the infinite possibilities that await us. If only we can learn to get out of our own ways and receive of course…

And so it is

That we climb the celestial mountain.

To find the treasures we seek.

Are already within us.



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