Stand true to what you believe in

Are we serious about what we are pursuing?

Then we will be asked to prove it.

Rather than getting frustrated or distracted or giving up or feeling sorry for ourselves, we will stay on track.

We will believe in ourselves and we will use our inner resources to stay strong.

We will not need to fight but we will stand true for what we believe in,

and that is the medicine of elephant.
Elephants are very intelligent, they are family oriented and extremely loyal. They are sensitive and caring, and highly aware.

They represent strong connection and harmony, protection and solidarity, and the Divine Feminine power of compassion and nurturing. All of these aspects can be used in your journey ahead.

Meditate on the above image and see what elephant has to tell you, there may be a special meaning just for you. Maybe you need a little extra courage and strength to face the challenges that lay ahead. Maybe you need to reconnect to family and realize that you are not isolated or alone. Maybe elephant wants you to know that you are stronger than you think.

Watch for elephant to come into your awareness in the coming days. Even a glimpse on television or a picture in a magazine is confirmation from the Universe that you are being taken care of and the strength you need is available to you.

It is also a reminder to come back to this message and know that you are on the right path, that the challenges are only tests and that better things lie ahead for you.

So stay the course, and know that you have what it takes to succeed.

Have faith in yourself and do not give up hope.

Change can be uncomfortable but if you meet it with grace and acceptance you are sure to win.



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