Take a few moments to ground yourselfs

We are here, in our material existence, to experience this life with all of our physical senses

We work on raising our vibration,

seeing the positive,

looking for miracles and remaining optimistic,

yet there are times when we “fall off the wagon” and just feel the lower energy emotions; frustration, irritation, envy, anger, or resentment. So then what?

Are we not spiritual anymore? Are we not worthy?

Quiet the opposite, we are only human and if we can feel compassion for ourselves, recognizing instantly that our emotions are telling us that we are going in the wrong direction from where we would like to be vibrationally, we have the opportunity to fix it, right then and there!

Every feeling is a sign to us, from our soul or higher self, to our conscious waking mind. Feeling light, carefree, joyful and passionate signals that you are on the right path vibrationally;

anything is possible.

Feeling heavy ,upset, frustrated, anxious or angry is a sign that you have taken a fork in the road, you are now heading in the opposite direction from your dreams and desires.

So what do you do in this case?

Grab the steering wheel and get back on course!!


take a few moments to ground yourself, speak your truth, follow your heart, ask for Divine Guidance or intervention. Know that you are worthy, know that you are love and know that this too shall pass, and something much better is on it’s way to you.

Then work on being the vibrational magnet to your heart’s desire, one thought, one feeling at a time!



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