Enthusiasm is fuel for soul

Enthusiasm is fuel for a joyful soul. When we approach even the mundane with enthusiasm, we add passion and zeal for life. We let the Universe know that we wish to magnetize more excitement into our lives. We jump start the energy of those around us, heal them and inspire them to smile, lighten up and enjoy life.


We all have or have had a friend, teacher, co-worker, neighbour or relative who approach everything they do with a measure of enthusiasm. They seem to genuinely enjoy their lives and put one hundred percent into everything they do.

With a smile.

Never grudgingly,

never just to look good,

but because they honestly want to contribute their energy in a positive way.

We can all learn from these people, and we can all find a way to bring a little more enthusiasm into our own lives.


Try it today.

Even if it is when you are doing something you always do.

Even if it is doing something you despise doing.

Find your enthusiasm. Mix up the energy.

And invite something new.



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