Count your blessings again and again

Even those caught up in rampant materialism understand the value of human friendship and loyalty, and loving a person, or a type of experience. 🧚

Go beyond that. 🧚

Although your own gratitude list usually includes some things of the material perception, today concentrate on being deeply thankful for all the Invisible and unmeasurable Qualities of the Life and Soul Force.  Be deeply grateful for Insights given to you by the Loving Spirit,  Be so glad for mercy and Unconditional Love.  Find awe in the Wisdom that comes at perfect times, and that grows with experience.  Celebrate and praise the Truth that reigns above the limited bodily senses. Find Hope in the Compassion that surges up in your heart when a situation gives you the chance to silently share the healing Power of God. 🧚

Count these Blessings, again and again. Count them, and stay centered in your identity as a Beloved offspring of God, and watch the Divine Unseen do Its Work.



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