Thoughts and spoken words

your spoken word carries vibration to us and Universal Energy.

Thoughts and words are both strong with vibration and emotion. A spoken word through the filter of love and positive vibration creates an increase in positive energy for you and others around you. A spoken word through the filter of negative emotions creates a decrease of vibration for you and others around you.

Take a moment in your time to reflect on how often you send out positive or negative vibration through your thoughts and spoken word.

Next take the time to consider how often you are affected by another person’s spoken word positive and/or negative.

ASK for protection when needed and do not allow other people’s negativity to affect you.

choose your spoken word with the intent to uplift and inspire yourself and others.

Allow us the Divine to assist, in guiding you through your senses, when you are being pulled into negative vibration with both listening and speaking negatively. Speak to others as you desire to be spoken too.

We will assist in changing old patterns, ASK, And So It Is.”

Angel talk


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