Feel your connection to earth

Right here in this Universe, there is joy and love.

If you are willing to accept it, there is healing and prosperity.

If you can see it and know it is for you, there is adventure, support, safety. There is opportunity, connection, adventure, freedom.

Everything you can imagine and envision as your own is here at your fingertips. Only a belief system away.

As we shed and release, we expand and attract. As we bust out of the old, constricting expectations we have set for ourselves, we soar to new heights of what’s possible. We can know in our hearts that the dimensions are opening to us, even if our minds haven’t caught up yet.

We can see the world in child like awe and wonder; full colour detail, explored with passion and enthusiasm. There is no need to hold back anymore, it is safe to be light and free.

Feel the vital connection to the Earth and know that she needs our healing as much as we need hers.

Commit to being proactive in your healing of her, and see your connection to her strengthen your connection to the Universe. She is your ally, your muse. Learn from her resilience; her enduring beauty and creative force. Be the change that will guide all humans to a bright, beautiful and sustainable future,

To think that all it takes is self-love and acceptance. The acknowledgement and embracing of the Divinity within.
Connected to All That Is.

You. A perfect representation of Divine love and light.

Capable of anything.



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