Fall in love with love

Ah, Beloved,

Of course the material limited senses will try to convince you that scratching your back, or closing the curtains, or answering the ping of the phone, or jotting down the errand list, or one of a thousand things, are more urgent and important than spending ten minutes quietly communing with the Unseen Force of Life. Discipline of the distracting thoughts is needed at first, or when emotional upset makes quiet difficult. 🧚🧚🧚 But We assure you, what seems like a nuisance exercise in the beginning of spiritual dedication will indeed become what you look forward to, as refuge, as renewal, as trustworthy Presence. And it is not only beginners in spiritual seeking that must take care to set aside human frettings in order to know the Loving Source. The relentless striving of the human ego will craftily try to convince even a seasoned meditator or believer, that the worldly pile of thoughts and duties and pleasures are beckoning too mightily, for constant welcoming of the Divine Presence into Consciousness to have priority. 🧚🧚🧚 Allowing yourself to really fall in Love with Love helps alleviate those temptations. For just as with human love, there is a pull and a focus in Divine Love that helps mute or sedate the material input. Allow yourself to Love Love. Allow that, and It will reward you many times over.



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