Wonderful lights

Let us ask you : are you looking for happiness outside of your everyday , Moment to moment experience , Thinking you will find happiness. ‘Out there’. Someday ?.


so many go chasing a magic ‘it’. Out ‘ there ‘ but it never could be found there . So we want to share a secret that shouldn’t be a secret , YOU are pure joy . What made you is pure joy , and every-time you wake up and even when you sleep you have joy waiting to be expressed inside you .


Joy and happiness and fullness come from doing joy . BEing joy – knowing it , and cultivating it . And lighting it in your heart so you can share it .

You must know this so when the time comes you will be fully free and your joyful being and actions will turn you into a beacon of starlight . Look within you and be joyful even for tears and loss , for they mean you have lived . Really lived . Jump into it all and love every minute because we all love you like crazy over here ..


This month magic is afoot . Expand your vision to include the excitement of more magic in your life . Just through your presence and simple beingness magics dimensional doorways open . Magic is a type of perception , magic dances only in the present tense .. are you silent enough to receive it ? .

If you are trying to be in control .. in your EGO you will probably not perceive what is magical around you . Simplify . Stop thinking and enter direct perception of what is .. then magic will have no choice to dance with you .


Align your will with that of the divine and look inside not outside for answers .. through the lens of heart knowing , guide , direct and align your intentions . Think with your heart . Act as a torchbearer for the light . When you align with what gives you joy your energy naturally expands to include more of who you are . Nothing and no one outside yourself can give you real power . Empower yourself and magical outcomes will naturally blossom ,

Instead of putting life off until you do or be something in the future , bring your desires into the present now because just as the voice on a GPS navigator tells you which way to go , your soul wisdom is always leading you towards your destination but neither will scold you if you take the wrong destination . They just adjust . Find alternative routes and give you new directions . You can’t get it wrong . Drive forward with the ones that make your face and heart smile .. from the 28th of month we are in a stage of new adventures and discovery . Whatever you feel compelled to do go forward . You will see your dreams take form and doors that was previously shut begin to open again as if by magic . The fog will lift and you’ll know the actions you’ll need to take .


You can be sure too that we are entering a time when you can ride the waves of abundance because the tides have turned and your hopes and dreams will carry you forward ..


In the words of Shia LaBoeuf, “DO IT.” If you think you might need a 28-million-year-old piece of desert glass to “DO IT,” then Libyan Gold Tektite might be the stone to “DO IT” for you.”


Only found in the Sahara Desert, Libyan Gold Tektite has an extraterrestrial vibe that resonates with those who feel they are definitely not currently residing on the planet from which they rightfully hail. Where Moldavite engages the Earthbound alien heart and mind, Libyan Gold Tektite targets the lower strata, the realm of creativity and self-esteem.

Whether attempting to unlock your potential as an artist or just the potential to peel yourself from the chaise lounge and, like, shower, Libyan Gold Tektite is the perfect get unstuck stone. Laziness. Lack of motivation. Lethargy. For some of us, these can coexist with a very overactive mind. Placing Libyan Gold Tektite on the solar plexus (a.k.a. the will center; a.k.a. where that nasty Ego lives) during meditation can help summon that extra oomph needed to get into your body and break through those fears of failure, judgment,and irrelevance that stand between you and your place in the sun.

In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞
I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM
(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)❤️❤️❤️

Jan Nette


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