Navigating by the stars

When you surrender to the guidance of higher self , all the energy you have been using up in resistance becomes available to you , inner peace , harmony , and most of all , LOVE are your rewards .
Flow with the pace of life , relax and tune in , follow guidance of your intuition KNOWING that the angels will support you at all times . You are your own person with inner peace , like a calm lake , beautiful and peaceful to be with , that radiance brings hope and support to those who come in contact within your AURA . When you connect to higher powers of universe for guidance your path in life becomes smooth and flowing . Affirm ... I AM STILL AND SERENE . SIMPLIFY your life and make things simple and hear the CREATOR .on this journey we often gather things that don't support us . It's time to say goodbye to situations and objects that don't bring out the BEST in YOU , keep what works and let go of the rest , by doing what is essential and releasing everything else is one of the fastest ways to align with the vibration of the spiritual realm , even a small amount of cleansing can bring an immense difference . Sometimes you can't always see the road ahead but when you become STILL you FEEL the right way to go , like navigating by the stars ✨ you may not see EVERY detail of the path for your life but when you TRUST the light of the ✨star, silent spirit guardians, and the joy of your guiding north ⭐️ star to navigate in the darkness in the morning light you find yourself at the right place at the right time .

Trust in me


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