Navigate this new world together

You are loved.

You are supported.

You are protected.

Nothing can stand in the way of what is yours; the opportunities that you feel you have missed, the mistakes that you have made, and the pain that you have suffered is all in the past.

Blockages are being removed.

Belief systems are changing.

The old is being released.

A new chapter of your life is unfolding.

All IS Well.

No matter what the past looked like; and even the present situation, things are changing, transmuting and transforming into something new.

Doors are being flung open. People are coming into your life, filling the spaces that others left open when you parted. You heart is ready for much more love than it has ever experienced; more joy than it ever thought possible.

There may be some discomfort first, as we break free from this reality, but do not worry,

Dear One, I am holding your hand in mine. We will navigate this new world together.



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