Thread by thread

When we can see our own lives as magical and sacred, we bring an abundance of blessings into the now.

For this life is truly amazing, no matter how it has manifested itself to date… the experience, the lessons, the people, places and things that have made you everything you are as you read this.

All sacred.

All magical.

All profound.

Stop for a moment and really take that all in…. can you see it?

This is beyond the drama, or the anger, guilt, shame, hurt or pain; it is the Divine beauty of the power of existing and growing through all of them.

It is a celebration of life in all it’s many shapes and facets, the divine cosmic dance.

The spiral of life.

How can it get any better than that?

Only you can decide, as you weave your own part of this reality.

Thread by thread.



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  1. Beautiful 😍 I love this !

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