Infinite rewards

When a phrase in a song, or a line in a prayer, or the spoken word of a friend, or an image in a picture stops you in your tracks, or gives you an extra sense of the Presence of Source/ spirit in that moment, do not let the instance slip away without focus and clarity.

Do whatever you need to do to pause all activity and random thinking as soon as possible, and ponder the Spiritual meaning of the “Divine alert” you have received.

Ask your own Angel Voice within to help you understand What more do you need to hear?

Is it a signal to stop and re-think something?

Is it a tender reminder that The Infinite Source is completely with you as you correct an error or celebrate being an expression of the Goodness of God?

Is it a cautionary tingle, like a parent grabbing the hand of a child about to dash into a busy street without looking?

Staying very aware of your constant connection to the Source Consciousness of Life will guide you, sustain, support you, fuel you, and protect you, if you deeply resolve to listen, listen, listen, and obey.

You are meant for Good. You are meant to feel Good, be Good, do Good, express Good.

Accept the Help and Signals you need to do so. Moments of attention reap Infinite rewards,



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