Be that bright spot

Today. be that bright spot. And just as a bright spot dances back from all reflective surfaces when it shines into a room, you will find reflected back to you the brightness you are, the brightness you give, the brightness that you and others, all together, need, to complete the perfect image of the entirety of source.

Appreciate your own brightness, and it grows brighter still.

And what is brightness? A million words cannot adequately describe the Brightness of Source .Be still and quiet, and you will know what characteristics you wish to demonstrate as part of your Brightness today. Perhaps joy and appreciation? Perhaps calmness and creativity? Perhaps order? Be quiet, and listen, and the Knowing will come.

Be a bright spot of the Character today, for you ARE a very Good reflection of He/She, in all that you are that is real.


The Real Truth of what you are is like a ball of Golden Light in the Mind of Source

            Picture that.  Imagine that, and feel that Loving Golden Light.

            And when you are feeling really Loved, and really Light, picture those you most care about in Golden balls of Light as well.  And when you feel strong, or when you feel the most beautiful picture all of humanity as Golden balls of Light, joined together in the Mind of Source . Hold that image as long as, and as often as, you can.

            All is Light.  All is Love, and there is plenty of Golden Love to go around.  Let It do Its Work.

                                                            It Inspires, It Creates, and It is always on the job,


Chorus of angels

If a man or woman knew with complete certainty just how many days were left to him or her in the earthly camping trip, the priorities of many days would change. Stay very aware, of your worldly costume, and live with honor, and joy, and a valuing of every thing and one around you being Sourced from the same Deep Love that binds all beings together.

The past and the future, of another, …none of these things can compare to living each moment, hour and day, as a pure expression of Living Soul.

Notice the moments today, Notice the moments, and listen well to your Soul.

We sing Chorus for you,


Law of source

When your own thoughts, or those of others, try to make decisions and logical choice scenarios based on past successes and failures, and human understanding, they are leaving out a key thing.  Sources Laws and Ways are above human laws and ways. Yes, use your life’s gained wisdom.  But remain open to Wisdom and Power that is beyond any limited thinking.  Always remember, when making your human “pro and con” lists, and hearing human advice, to keep open the Inner You with Spirit, and show the happy Divine Solution, in every circumstance and timing.

Keep the happy truth that wants your happiness, and good for all, foremost in your thinking.



Before you check your “electronic mail”, check your Universe-mail.  Use those quiet moments to do so.

with practice you will find that you can hear my Voice always, even while fulfilling your duties and obligations and pursuing your earthly dreams.  And that, in fact, I can help guide your dreams in the best way and help make them come true.

            Dream of Harmony.  Dream of Inspired Joy and Serene Mind, and allow those dreams to come.  I want them, so your heart really wants them, too.


Embrace ALL

More shifting, more changing, more upheaval… it’s only chaos if you let it confuse and frighten you… if you embrace it , it instead becomes the adventure of a lifetime. It’s all about perspective.

Are you swimming downstream, maybe a little shocked at just how fast things are moving? Or are you clinging on for dear life, struggling, grasping, refusing? It’s all up to you.

How to handle all this energy coming in… as a gift or as a curse. Only you know in your heart what’s going on and maybe, just maybe why.

Are you trusting that all will work out for the Highest Good of All? Have you released all vestiges of victimhood? Have you embraced your new path as spiritual warrior? Have you taken time to just breathe? To just be?

You could choose, right now, to make the absolute most of jumping right out of your comfort zone for good. Like permanently. How much good was it really doing you anyway? Weren’t you feeling kind of stuck? Kind of like there was something else you should be doing? Like you were waiting for something to happen?

You make it happen. By taking the leap of faith into the great unknown.

Is that your Soul I hear singing?


Blessings are here

A blessing bestowed, what more can we ask for? How can it get any better than that? We ask and we receive. Maybe we feel that we have been asking and asking and nothing has changed. This is your sign. Things are about to change. Your gift is on it’s way to you now. It will be exactly what you need when you need it.

Sometimes gifts come in unmarked packages. Sometimes it takes us a bit to realize… to fully unwrap the blessing. Maybe it’s not exactly what we expected. Maybe we had other plans; we thought we could control how and when it would show up. This gift requires faith and trust. Trust that everything will somehow fall into place. Faith that the Universe will, as always, provide.

Our part is in the receiving. The appreciation. The gratitude. The opening up to something new.

It’s seeing that the gift is indeed Heaven Sent. Knowing that we are worthy. Acknowledging that this is perfect synchronicity and Divine timing.

Your gift is here, find it with all of your senses.


Infinite ideas

When the whisper of Unconditionally Loving Spirit in your heart suggests a small action, or a slight shift in viewpoint, pay attention. A very small change can lead to great changes. You know this. Why not trust Source with your happiness, now, today, and forever? Each heart suggestion is one drop in the wonderful wave that will carry you into full remembrance of what you are as Good Spirit, good Soul, Wise and Joyful Being of Life. As it is, infinite ideas in Infinite Mind, ANGELS

The team

Each of us has a team of guides and angels surrounding us at all times, yet we often feel so alone! This is part of the veil of the “Big Forget,” which we agreed to when we came here. In the past, we felt that since cannot “see” them, we don’t believe in them… but all that is changing. Many of us have a deep knowing about our angels and guides. We can feel their presence in other ways. We can use our powers of clarivoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance to connect and communicate with this amazing group of beings. And this includes the heavy hitters, such as the ferocious beasts which serve to protect us from all harm. The dogs, and dragons and wolves, the bears and lions and eagles. They are here to teach us wisdom, but they are also our fearless protectors, and can be called to when we are feeling vulnerable, unsafe, threatened or even under attack.

Call if you need them, they are particularly close right now, which means there may be a person or situation which has caught their acute senses. You may not be aware of it yet… but this is a message to be aware, not judgmental, just very observant. Call for help when you need it.

And they listen. They assist. In love and light, for the highest good.

And so it is.

Everything and anything really DOES become possible

This message encompasses everything we have been asked over the last couple of weeks, truth, clearing and protection. The more layers of illusion we shed, the more we reveal our true authentic selves. This is a process as we have had our masks and deceptions over many lifetimes. Very few of us live our lives in perfect truth, but we can strive to get there. We can slowly peel back one layer at a time and allow the light in. 

This may feel like a vulnerable process and it is advised to surround yourself with a cloak of protection while you shed the layers and find your inner power. Once this process is complete you will find that your own pure light of Divine Truth will protect you, radiating out and not allowing any density to stick to you. Lower vibrational people and entities may be attracted to your light, but they will not be able to tap into it or take it from you. Just as the sun can radiate out it’s energy through light and warmth, but we cannot drain the sun of it’s vitality. 

Dive down deep into each and every belief you have about yourself, look at where it came from, why you hold it and whether you need it now. You will find that you most likely don’t need any of that old stuff and it is much more suitable to you to approach things now with an open curiosity instead. Treat each experience as if it is brand new and see how things change when you don’t set preconceived limits on outcomes. 

This is when anything and everything really does become possible. 

Open heart and open mind embracing opportunity.


Keep HOPE alive in HEART

Hope starts as a tiny flame; a pilot light in our psyche; a distant light at the end of the tunnel. If we concentrate on our tiny flicker of hope, it will grow exponentially. We activate the awesome power of the Law Of Attraction when we fan the flames of hope, bringing all of our attention to nurturing its energy. Concentrating all of our will on hope kicks fear and doubt to the curb; it leaves no room for worry and it throws the doors open to limitless possibility. Hope is the key to finding peace in the darkest of times.

Know that whatever is going on for you, dawn will come. No matter how dark, employ hope to bring the light. If things are going well, they are about to get even better. Dawn is coming to shed light on every aspect of your life. There is a new beginning close at hand, and you can ready yourself by filling your thoughts with hope and faith. 

In ancient Egyptian times it was thought that the sun was the God Ra, who was their creator God, and the Sun was the representation of all that he created. The sun represented light, nurturing growth and warmth. Ra was considered the creator God of everything. The sun, although getting a bit of a bad rap lately as far as overexposure on our skin and various problems that can create; is vital for our existence. It is also mandatory for us to get a certain amount of sunlight for our general health and well being. If you are feeling down; seek some direct sunllight, it is a natural mood enhancer!

Keep the flames of hope alive in your heart always. Know that the Universe will provide and that the sun is your beacon of light.