Have fun with signs and messages from universe

Signs and messages from the Universe are a co-creation; an agreement that you make with your Angels, guides, the Ascended Masters, Animal Spirit Guides and Elementals. You decide what has meaning for you, and they provide the messages in the language you understand. In order to receive even more messages, you are simply required to decide what has meaning for you, and then be super aware and observant of your environment. You can actually have fun with it! 

Your other option is to be completely open and receptive to what is coming in to you, knowing that the Universe is constantly and continually communicating with each and every one of us, and use all of your senses to detect patterns and repetition. If  in doubt, all you have to do is literally ask for clarity… and it will be granted! 

Think about it for a moment… what are your signs? Feathers, ravens, owls, rainbows, specific coins? A particular scent or song? A word or sequence of numbers? Decide right now what you would like confirmation on and how you might like it to come to you… and then get supersensory and receive the signs! As you get better at finding the signs and messages, they will come more frequently. Watch the full creativity of the Universe as it plays one of it’s most favourite games with you. 

All favorable, all in the Highest Good. 

All to guide you in Love and Light.

And so it is.


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