High self

Please know that it is not about letting someone outside yourself convince you that their methods are the correct ones.  It is not about a particular teacher or leader showing you each step to take in knowing and loving yourself and life.

            It is about you honestly and lovingly experimenting on yourself, using the guidance from your Own High Self within, and by gathering the tips and clues from the paths taken by those you meet and admire and wish to emulate, or by pondering the wisdoms of the ages and sorting through what works for YOU.  Many are the paths of knowing that All is One, and you have the choice in each moment of understanding how to be your Best.

            Try simple things each day, and observe what results.  Try sending silent Good Thoughts to those that annoy you, try complimenting good behaviors in five other people today.  Try making a list of ten things you are grateful for.  Sit silently and admire the order of nature or music.  Think about the usability, for everyone, of a concept like math that can be used by everyone without ever wearing out.  Do these things and others you think of, and see what happens.  Notice how much more delightful life seems, and harmony unfolds, when you use certain patterns of thought or habit, and then make those a part of your individual harmony, your individual life that is part of Life.

            And when you have proved to yourself that treating others kindly and forgivingly, and staying connected to your High Soul-Self makes all seem more joyous, continue in that way.  When you have pondered that, like math, kindness and mindfulness are things that do not wear out, but, like math, can be used again and again and again without wearing out, then commit to making them a skill you practice and hone each day.

New teachers and companions, human or Unseen or written, will appear for you at each level of skill, if you open your heart to remembering your own Completeness.

                                    No one fails who truly tries to learn to be only their Best,

                                                            It is already done in the Divine,


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