If There are aspects of your current life that need to be left behind. Moldavite will help you with this. Wear it, carry it with you in your pocket, meditate with it to access cosmic wisdom, or place it under your pillow for insight in your dream state. Which ever feels most comfortable to you to start with is perfect, as you will eventually move to balancing your energy with your Moldavite. The larger a “reaction” you have to the stone when first working with it, most likely is due to the fact that you are overdue the changes that are necessary. When you start your transformation, you will find working with Moldavites energy to get easier.

Moldavite is a powerful stone, but it works with the Heart Chakra, and with the green ray, which means that ultimately, it serves with love. Don’t fear the change, as you can’t run from transformation; putting it off just invites more fear and doubt. Know that Moldavite works with your highest good, and with harmony and grace for everyone involved. Breathe and place it in your left hand, absorbing all it has to offer. Feel yourself drawing in the green energy, feel it spreading throughout every cell of your body. Healing. Purifying. Taking you to the next level of consciousness and beyond.

Get ready, it’s time for the ride of your life.



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